Thursday, November 08, 2007

Commissioned Home Portrait, "Pearson's Beach House"

"Pearson's Beach House"
Acrylic on Board
Commissioned by the Owner

Click the picture to enlarge it.

Some members of the Painted Plums missed seeing this one from last year, so I am sending it along once more to up-date everyone on another category of painting that I do occasionally, i.e. home portraits. I had the pleasure of visiting this painting in the home where it is beautifully framed on the wall above a desk. It's funny how, when a painting leaves my studio, I wonder how it is viewed in someone's home.... hoping it finds its way to a good location where it will be enjoyed. In this case, I can now say it is very much in the right place!

Meanwhile, I have set up a trial website page at FineArtStudioOnline, where you can view a few of my recent works, some for sale, some not. This trial stage will be until January ( with only 10 paintings for the moment) and I am really wanting some feedback to see if you find this to be a good way to view and keep up with my paintings. At the end of the trial stage I will be able to put as many as 100 paintings up in a searchable form by category, which I hope will make it easy for you to access my work. Please let me know if you like this site and if it works better for you.


Sandy said...

All your recent paintings are so great. I love this house.


Cheryl A. Pass said...

Thanks tons, Sandy! I really appreciate your looking in on my blog!