Saturday, April 19, 2008

Daily Painting, "Gerber Daisies"

"Gerber Daisies"
Oil on Canvas Panel

First attempt at a plein air painting....which usually would not be a still life, but this was a demonstration at an outdoor event. Kind of a long story...but mostly this was due to arm twisting by one of my art guild friends named Scott Boyle. He is a veteran plein air painter and he came to the event all geared up for two people to paint. He had the two pochades, the paints, brushes, canvas, turps, the pot of flowers,all of it. I have never painted outdoors before, but I admire Scott quite a bit, so when he asked me to pitch in I felt privileged to paint along side of him. It was fun for me to give this a try, not my usual controlled environment and painstaking detailed effort. More like painting on the fly.
Well, here is what I ended up with and I hope you will like it! Thank you, Scott!!

Scott working on his version of the Gerber Daisies.

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