Thursday, March 05, 2009


Oil on Board

Totally slammed. I've been working on our local guild show which opens this evening. I did get two pieces, of the two allowed entries, into the show, so that's fun. We have 59 pieces total and some of the work is quite exceptional.

Other than this we had a substantial snow on Monday resulting in a power outage at our house for over 24 hours. Scrambling for candles and batteries, stoking the fire in the fireplace, trying to keep ourselves warm and going under those circumstances is challenging. We finally got somewhat back on track on Wednesday. We need to be better prepared than this. I'll make that a goal.

Today back to the Dr. with my Dad and taking care of my daughter's dog.

Obviously, no painting taking place with all of this going on. So the painting above is from last year. My daffodils this year were gorgeous until the snow storm took them down, sadly. This painting hangs in my guest room and is much better in person than this photo.

Hopefully I can get back to it pretty soon. Hope you will stay tuned.

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