Thursday, June 03, 2010

Around My Yard

I'm going to be out of range for a couple of weeks...down the rabbit hole, up in smoke, into the wardrobe, missing in action, behind the looking glass, somewhere else, etc. So I was thinking about what you might like to look at while I don't post for a little while. I thought maybe you would like to see some of the pictures I've taken this spring around my yard and house for painting references. I usually don't show the surroundings very much, but I do live in the woods. My yard is a lot of work and yet I love the trees, the rocks, the flowers...everything but that dastardly red clay that is impossible to dig. It's like digging in brick. We have a compost system and over the years we have built up the flower beds with some better soil to assist the gardening. That has helped tremendously. As you can see, we have had some beautiful flowers this spring. There are more to come over the summer. Some Dahlias, Zinnias, and I am hoping for a few lilies. The Hydrangeas have out done themselves this year.

There is a story behind the cupola which resides on the very pinnacle of my studio. I used to own a company called Wild Hare, the logo for which was a running rabbit. This gave my family and friends the opportunity to give me rabbits for every occasion for several years. When we built the studio with a 4 hip roof, the top needed embellishment. My husband built the cupola and had a local sheet metal company make a copper roof for it. And then my children bought me the gorgeous weather vane with a running rabbit.....the icing on the cake. Ooh la la!! I love both the cupola and the weather vane and each time I look at them...I think about my dear family and I also think I should do a painting of that scene up there.

So there you are...hope you enjoy the scenery!

Picture are as follows:
1. Peonies
2. Irises
3. Begonia basket
4. Rabbit Planter by the studio doorway.
5. Piracantha by the Driveway
6. View from the Second Story - Hydrangeas
7. Cupola with Rabbit Weather Vane


Pat said...

Gorgeous photos, beautiful garden !

Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks, Pat! It has been a good spring for flowers, that's for sure.

Kelley Sanford said...

Hi,Cheryl. I just discovered your blog and have had fun looking at your work. It's a small world, I live in Charlotte also. Going over to your Tea Party blog too. Nice to "meet" you.

Cheryl Pass said...

Hi Kelley...Great to hear from you! I took a look at your and very nice work there!! That piece on the facebook link is beautiful! I'll link you up to mine and hope we can stay in touch since you are close by. :-) Hope you like my other blog....tho I wonder if I can make enough of a difference chiming in on that passion, too. I have some great links there for terrific information from others, so it's a good source for people. We are living in interesting say the least!