Sunday, May 12, 2013

Casper the Friendly Maltese

 "Casper" - 11X14 - Oil on Linen panel - Copyright Cheryl A. Pass  - Click on picture for larger view

I haven't posted for a long I have been very very busy with family life and political issues this past year.  However, I am very happy to have painted this little fellow for a client this spring.  He's a tiny little fellow.  All of 5 lbs.  Painting Casper was like trying to paint a cotton ball on a snow bank on a glacier.  That white on white and the fineness of his fur was more challenging than I anticipated and caused me to start and stop quite a bit.  I'd paint for a while and then I would say...hmmm...this needs something..what is it?  Then I would paint some more, and step back and say the same thing. Another hold up was the background.  The photos did not give me the colors that the clients wanted, so I had to fictionalize the setting for him.   Consequently this took me much longer than I meant for it to take, but finally today I am giving him the thumbs up and "Finito" declaration. 

I hope all of my other painting friends are doing well!  And I hope those of you who stop by enjoy seeing Casper, one of another dog in my collection of dog portraits. 

Smiles to all!

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