Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Daily Painting Holiday Card, "Scotties & Snowman"

"Scotties & Snowman"
Licensing Collection

With holidays approaching and time evaporating, I am going to post three designs for Christmas, this one and two more. At the end of the week I am off on a holiday trip to visit with family and will not be posting again until 2007. Wow...two weeks I will be away from my easel. That has to be a record. I am already feeling withdrawal pangs.

I wonder if, when people look at my work as a whole, they wonder if I am schizophrenic. There are so many various media, subjects, and styles here. "Who is she really," I can hear you ask. I lament this at times. I notice the artists with reputations and followings have a "look." One look. One style. Usually one category, i.e. still life, or landscape, or portraiture.

I can explain myself. Trying to be all things to all people might come close to the answer. Using what was available at the moment might explain it. A journey through life and times might define it. From knitting, to quilting, to calligraphy, to watercolor, to gouache, to acrylics, to oils.... from illustration, to publishing, to commissions, to fine art....you name it. I would love to hear what people think of this string of art on the blog. And should I land in one place? One media, one category, one style? What do you say? What is your favorite?

2007 is coming. Where am I going?


Peace said...

The eternal question...where in the journey are you going. I think your work is great and will pass to you what I tell my art students...as an artist you are to be constantly growing and expanding and exploring and not limiting yourself! Follow your heart Cheryl and let the spirit with in guide your hand and worry not about the destination, simply enjoy the great gift you have been given and share it with all of us! Have a safe holiday ~from a fellow daily painter...

D. Sisson said...

I can't tell you what my favorite is because I have the same dilemma with my art! I also feel pulled in so many directions that it's hard for me to settle on one medium and one style. I guess it's just in our natures and it must serve a purpose. Enjoy your work and especially like the calligraphy!

Cheryl A. Pass said...

Thanks to you both for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate your input more than I can tell you.
Happy holidays!