Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Daily Painting Decorative Package Design, "Quince Blossom Soap"

"Quince Blossom Soap"
Acrylic on Paper
Design for Licensing

I'm doing this one for the rest of the Daily Painters. You see, I painted this Quince Blossom Branch and sat there thinking to myself, "Now who or what is this for?" Do you ever ask yourself that? You've done this thing and now what? Extrapolate, embellish, and voila, you have a package design. All paintings do not work this way, but some of them do....so I am posting this to show you what you might do with some of those paintings that seem to have no reason to exist. I will say this one evolved and involved the help of a friend of mine who knows how to manipulate images with type and layers that I haven't mastered. But she allows me to direct the piece into what I want. It's a great deal of fun and I appreciate her expertise and assistance when working on this type of design work.

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