Friday, February 02, 2007

Daily Painting Nature, "Mr. Toad"

"Mr. Toad"
Oil on Canvas

and below:
Preliminary Sketch for Mr. Toad

This is a portrait of one of our backyard friends. He was hopping about late one evening last fall when we heard Bosley making his funny little "woof woof." This is Bosley's way of telling us there is something here he doesn't recognize and we should come look. Bosley was just lying there, a quizzical look on his face, with his nose pointed right at Mr. Toad. I'm sure Mr. Toad was totally scared to death. He was very puffed up and looking as if he was trying to turn himself into something fierce, unsuccessfully. I brought Bosley inside and grabbed my camera, waited for Mr. Toad to regain his composure and took his picture. I thanked him for the privilege and wished him good evening!

Our local guild has a juried art show each year in March at the Schiele Museum of Natural History. It's usually a wonderful show to view with many interpretations of nature from artists residing in four surrounding counties. Mr. Toad is going to try to enter the show. Wish him luck!!

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