Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hey, Hay, Hay!

"Hay Bales at the Edge of the Woods"
5 3/4 X 9

$75.00 plus postage

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This is from my trip up country to the mountains a few weeks ago. I took my watercolor pencils with me and managed to squeeze in a little time to do this as a study for a larger painting I am planning to do. These hay bales looked like they had been forgotten almost, but I am guessing they are there to save as needed for the livestock. It was near dusk and the sun was streaming across them while the woods had a dark and mysterious look under the trees. That is what captured my interest.

Things are still hectic with all of the running back and forth to my Dad's, but he is doing better and healing is taking place. This afternoon I am meeting also with the Battered Women's Shelter administrators on the fund raising project, a recipe collection / cookbook. I already have several pieces of art that relate to foods so I am looking forward to seeing this work into a very nice publication for them. We'll see how it goes!!

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