Monday, November 10, 2008

'Just Before the Fall'

"Just Before the Fall"
Private Collection

I have been so slammed with my Dad's concerns, sorry to keep repeating this mantra, but I have had little to no time for my painting this past week. So this is a piece I did a while back. It is much more vivid in real life. The title refers to the fact that this lovely farm close to our town was bought out by a developer and a church and no longer exists as a farm. I had admired it for a long time. They had those wonderful Belted Galloway (Oreo) cows and fields of hay. It was beautiful and then it was gone. I know this is happening everywhere all over the country, but my heart breaks to see these smaller family farms bite the dust.

Now, hopefully, to squeeze in some time for new work. "Hopefully," being the operative word.
Stay tuned! :-)

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