Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Two By Two'

"Two By Two"
Oil on Linen Panel
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Since this is about water and a pair of ducks, it seemed the next progression (at least in my mind) was a Noah's Ark allegory. "And they came, two by two...." (This painting actually would be lovely placed in a child's wing of the house, but could work anywhere you have a collection of birds.) Mostly it is just about local wildlife which I love and enjoy so much. We are lucky to have some small lakes and a couple of big ones in our area, plus the Catawba River, so the birds are abundant. Occasionally I catch sight of some Great Blue prehistoric and elegant.

But back to the ducks.....the water was a bit choppy and I didn't want the background to overwhelm the sillhouettes of their beautiful white feathers and charming, eager faces. It was a lot of fun to paint!! I was happy to have the time yesterday to paint most of the day. First time in over a week. Yippee!!


Connie said...

Cheryl, I love the brushwork on this one!

Barbara Pask said...

Excellent painting. Love the water and the ducks are wonderful. Very nice!

Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks Barbara...just tons of fun to paint this one. I kept thinking of their feet paddling along!

Sylvia Jenstad said...

I agree... this is one very cool painting