Monday, January 12, 2009

My Tea Party

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You're Invited! To a new blog I have established...which is just for the sake of getting it all off my chest and, hopefully, enlightening some people.
As if I have any time for another endeavor...but passion counts for something and I am just going to have to type faster if I am going to get it all out there.

I think I may be some kind of artist who doesn't buy into the liberal, big government, global warming, peace mongering, guilt trips, whining and moaning about how bad Americans are, etc. Not only that, but I am becoming so so sick of hearing this nonsense and drivel that I can't stand it. I have no clue if there are other artists out there who, like me, are fed up with the liberals slant on the world. Nevertheless, I have decided to quit the silence and speak up.

Quite possibly I am taking on too much. As some of you know I have a very elderly father who is taking up a great deal of my time, a husband, a dog, an art guild, a house, a son (with family) who is in Korea, a daughter, and a lot of responsibilities. I have recently written and had published an editorial regarding the stupidity of global warming and the war on Carbon Dioxide. I care about our country, the environment, animals, and many other things...

Please click on the link above and you can come along with me as I periodically let it all out!! There are two posts and a link to a very important article by Al Fin on the reason we have an economic crisis.

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