Wednesday, January 07, 2009

'Winter Berries'

"Winter Berries"
Oil on Panel

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Gloomy grey days of winter here. Actually it feels like an English grey, misty, foggy, rainy, snuggly sort of, "Let's eat scones and drink a lot of tea!" kind of weather we are having lately. It makes you grateful for the good roof over your head, the fireplace, the gas range, the quilts, the dear dog who looks bored....and of course the warm studio and paints. I'm glad for it all. We watch the birds diving in and out of the bushes gathering berries. It's a wonderful life when I get to stay home in my studio on inclement days. Cozy and wonderful.

I found this one to be more abstract than usual. My favorite part is the odd leaf just above the berries to the left of the had a bittersweet color and part of it was eaten away.

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