Monday, May 11, 2009

Bluebird Balancing Act

"Balancing Act"
Oil on Panel

ADDED NOTE On May 23rd...
This past week and all of next are dedicated to getting my Dad situated into an assisted living home. He is 91 and a half...barely walking, suffering from several maladies, and needs more help now than I can continue to give him. So..we found a place and are in process of moving him, in between the continual Dr.s appts. This is very time consuming, selling stuff, moving stuff, packing stuff, etc. etc. I am exhausted and can hope that once we get him moved in, I will have some of my energy back and can paint again. I am looking forward to getting back to the easel after next week...sometime after June first or second. Thanks for checking back!!

I have a collector who loves bluebirds, so this one is commissioned for her. She and her husband have courted the bluebirds and been rewarded with a flock of them in their yard. Eastern Bluebirds are indigenous to our area and we all love them. I hope I did justice to the idea here. This painting is on spec actually, so if this one doesn't fit the collector's desire, then it will be for sale....and I will be doing some more bluebirds for consideration.
Balancing Act seems like a theme for my life lately....probably yours, too. We are all trying to find our footing and hoping we land in a secure spot. Our country's foundations are being knocked out from under us by a bunch of really bad power-mad politicians and a lot of misguided misanthropes. It's very sad, so the sight of a bluebird is a momentary bliss at least.

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