Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sun Kissed Rocks by the Water

"Sun Kissed Rocks by the Water"
Oil on Linen

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What seems like a hundred years ago I had the opportunity to visit La Jolla. Somewhere along the coastal highway there was a restaurant called Charlie's Steakhouse. They had an open kitchen where you picked out your steak and could watch them throw it on the grill. And they had the menu written on some type of clay wine bottle sitting in the middle of each dining table. Very quaint, intimate, and fun. Outside, across the street was a view of the Pacific slapping up against the rocks and seals playing, basking, enjoying the day. It was this scene, looking down at the rocks, I had in mind while painting this one. It was a beautiful place and I will always remember it, wishing to relive the view....I keep it in my mind.

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