Monday, January 25, 2010

Cows By the Lake - Nearly finished

"Cows by the Lake"
Oil on Canvas

Click on image to enlarge the view.

Larger painting than usual, which is why I haven't posted to you for a while. There are Work in Progress posts on this painting if you scroll down on the blog. I may still darken the water a bit and I haven't signed it as yet. Otherwise this is mostly finished.

Lots going on here with porch construction and taking care of my Dad's ailments, too, so the process has been slow. Since I love animals, painting the cows was a lot of fun. This time I gave them a nice place to be. At least if I were a cow I think I would like to be there.


Eileen Hale said...

Hey, Cheryl! Nice one! Looking at WIP stage 3, I love the way the water, the reflections, shadows and details of the cows bring the cows out and make them and the setting come alive! I'd like to be there, too. (I hang out with cows from time to time...)

Connie said...

Really nice work! I so enjoyed the progress photos. It's always so interesting to see how artists work.

Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks...Eileen! Lucky you hanging out with cows!! I appreciate your nice comments!

And Connie...long time no see!! This time the progress was definitely slow. I have no formula..just attacking it as I get to it. Hope all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

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