Thursday, February 17, 2011

Red and White Pansies - Garden Painting

"Red and White Pansies
Oil on Linen Panel

Click on image to enlarge the view.

One of my favorite flowers in our garden is Pansies. Mostly because they don't fail me...except for the squirrels trying to dig them up all of the time. There is a garden supply company close to us who sells an antique variety that I particularly love, so that is what these are. Now that we are having a warm spell, the pansies are starting to perk up. If we are lucky we will have them through April before they take a nose dive. I usually plant them in October, but they don't look happy until spring.

Anyway, I took my camera out to the garden, which actually is in pitiful shape right now. But there they are, doing their best to come along and make us happy!

Hope you like them.


Pat said...

Beautiful painting.. gorgeous pansies !

Martha Kisling said...

Beatiful Painting!

total12 said...

I usually plant them in October, but they don't look happy until spring.rendering adelaide

Cheryl Pass said...

Just noticed your 12. Same here. I plant in Oct. and then replant them as the squirrels keep digging them up all winter...and now I look forward to spring when they finally get going! Some years are better than others...but I always look forward to them!

Also...thanks, Martha and Pat!