Monday, March 21, 2011

Hobson WIP I

"Hobson" WIP
Oil on Linen Panel

I've been down for a bit, had surgery last week and was not doing great before that. Now I am on the mend and slowly (emphasize the word "slowly") getting back on my feet. I am anxious to get going again, but having to pace myself. I'm not allowed to drive for 2 weeks and not allowed to lift much more than my tea cup..and of course a paint brush. Oh, the frustration.

Hobson has been waiting in queue while I finished up entries for the show at the end of February. He is a sweet fellow who is no longer with us, but his owner is wanting an oil painting to have him with her, at least on the wall, forever. I think he is darling. He was also a rescue and was a good companion all the way 'round. You can tell by his face what a good fellow he was.

So I'm back to the easel...just going ever like a snail. Will post as I go along.
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