Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Daily Painting Dog Portrait, "Chipper" In Progress

"Chipper" In Progress
Oil on Canvas Panel

Just getting this guy off the ground today. I sketched him in loosely with a charcoal pencil and then, because his fur is various shades of white and grey, I toned the background with a neutral acrylic. As I worked around his face I decided to get after the background more quickly with the dark oils in order to get a better perception of mid-tones with Chipper's fur. This is so far done with fairly thinned out oils in order to lay in some of the darker tones before I go further. I am wanting to bring in some of the reds and golds in the carpet to liven things up and give him some more contrast. At this point I am always asking myself if I can do justice to the subject...because there is a lot yet to do. Chipper is fun to paint..such a cheerful little guy.

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