Thursday, October 04, 2007

Daily Painting Dog Portrait, "Chipper" In Progress

"Chipper" In Progress
Oil on Canvas Panel

I'm starting to think I may have to re-think the Daily Painting nomenclature. I'd rather not, because I love the ideology. (at least what I thought it was) And it has given me impetus to push myself harder and farther. There are those calling themselves Daily Painters who are cranking out quickies....daily.... little ones, some with details or without, some with one object or two or three, some with great skill or not. The paintings I am referring to are little...most are 5X7 or even less. And the ones who are cranking these out and selling them on eBay or from their blogs are getting this done with incredible speed. Most of these paintings are finished in three hours or less. This could be really discouraging to people like me who are painting with everything they've got, yet with life interfering in the most insidious ways.

Speed, as some of you know, is not my strongest suit. Meticulous care is more my domain. I also have other obligations that pull me away from my painting lately in a way that is aggravating the hell out of me, but nonetheless must be done. I would like to paint 8 or 10 hours a day. But that is not going to happen this week. Maybe next week....but we'll see. I do paint almost every day, and when I am not painting I am thinking about painting even though I am doing other things.

Here is Chipper after two sittings, yesterday and today. And I'm not sure I'll get back to him before Sunday. GRRRRR. Can you tell I'm just a little testy about that?

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visioneerwindows said...

You certainly have my sympathy - doing pen/ink, on the scale I do [40"x 32"], makes it impossible to get anything out in a day - even a couple of weeks at times.... yet love the idea of doing something daily - detailed - even if of ordinary objects... definitely a cunumdrum...