Friday, May 16, 2008

Daily Painting, "Vespa 3"

"Vespa 3"
Oil on Linen Panel

Green means "Go!" Ah, dear petrol loving friends, how doth your vehicle go? It goes on roads using oil and humming along, getting us gratefully where we need to go. Somehow I don't remember people resenting this in earlier years of my lifetime. In fact, we were proud of our car manufacturing industry and, as I previously mentioned, my Dad the tire dealer made a good living selling those wonderful round rubber things that meet the road!!!

I love to drive and, I suppose this will not make me popular, but I love the smell of gasoline. I love energy. I love mobility. My carbon footprint is not that large, people. I don't owe anybody any carbon credits. I don't own a hummer and I don't fly places even once a year, though I would if I had the opportunity. I am good for the earth and I only use what I need, so don't go crashing on me for telling you this, but oil is good for engines. (I never did buy into those stupid plastic bags at the grocery store because I happen to know they are made from oil and that trees are a renewable resource, plus I reuse the paper bags and they bio-degrade. You can count me on the cutting edge...ahead of the curve on that one!)

So here is some food for thought today for my thoughtful friends who can read and write and know the difference between corn oil and sweet crude: Washington, May 9 - Gas prices have soared from a $2.33 per gallon average on January 4, 2007 – Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) first day as House Speaker – to a record high of $3.67 per gallon today, according to AAA. This recent gasoline thing is NOT "Bush's fault!" The price of a gallon of gas went up only .90 from the day he took office in 2000 until the Democrats took charge of congress in 2006, a year and a half ago.

We'll all be driving Vespas if this keeps up. I recommend drilling in Anwar and building a few refineries, using nuclear power and "clean" burning modern coal plants. And for God's sake, let me have my incandescent lightbulbs!!! I am not causing the world to fall apart because I use ENERGY!!!!

One more Vespa to do....what color next? I'm thinking red, the color of passion!!!

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Sandy said...

Great painting and yes I think we will need to all ride these some days. In fact, I have gotten a great idea since reading this. I'm going to have my husband check the prices on these, before supply and demand cause them to skyrocket.

Enjoyed seeing this.