Monday, October 23, 2006

Bosley In Progress

8X10 Oil on Panel

Well, you see, Bosley is the reason his painting is unfinished. In his short little life, Bosley was thrown out on the street, lost, picked up by the pound, saved by the Humane Society, neutered, micro-chipped, placed on "," adopted by us, and is now recovering from (expensive) leg surgery due to elbow dysplasia in his left foreleg. I took the picture before the surgery about four weeks ago. The surgery, they tell us, will take at least eight weeks to heal completely. Since then we are carrying him around, trying to restrict activity and doing our best to keep a spirited puppy from romping and chasing squirrels. No easy task. Our guess is that he is about ten months old now. Since he is restricted from too much activity, he looks to us to keep from being bored...and no I am not into "crating," or "caging," so I am having to put the paint brushes down with frequent interruptions to attend to our little guy. Once we get past this hard time, I am hoping we can once again go for a long walk, play ball and run like the wind. (Bosley does the "run like the wind" part)

So there's the story of Bosley and the interruped artist. Productivity slows in this case for a good cause. I promise to post the finished painting when it's done.

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Louis Boileau said...

Get well soon Bosley! Your mommy's a good painter.