Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daily Painting Still Life, "Lemon Quintet"

"Lemon Quintet" 9X12
Acrylic on Canvas
Artist's Collection

You would think that an extra hour this weekend would have netted some serious painting time, however, dust bunnies were turning into dust elephants... picture that! Pretty Scary! Soooo.....something had to be done before someone called the health department. Consequently, this painting, which hangs in my kitchen, was finished last spring. There is actually a sixth lemon hiding in the bowl, but I didn't feel like calling this the "Sextet." It isn't a moral issue....I just thought the other one didn't show up enough to make the title. Sort of like the extras in the movies. They are there, and really important, but they don't make the credits.

Lest you think I neglected my art entirely, I did do some framing for an up-coming show with entries due on Tuesday. Back to the brushes tomorrow..

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