Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Daily Painting Still Life, "Dahlia & Bud"

"Dahlia & Bud" 5X7
Oil on Masonite
Available from the artist
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Still have my head in the garden.

This was the first time painting oil on archival masonite. Hmmm. Good point is, I don't get that underlying grid from the linen. The paint slides around a lot more and seems more painterly in effect. Both the linen and the hardboard have their attributes. The difficulty is finding really fine linen, so I may use this archival masonite a bit more often. I have used it before for acrylics when I needed very tight line work.

My daughter keeps telling me to "loosen up." I tell her I don't drink enough wine to be "loose." She says I'm too precise.."Loosen up, Mom!" "Slap that paint on there and don't worry about it!" Anybody want a drink?

Maybe the oil on masonite will work wonders!

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