Friday, October 20, 2006

Daily Painting Landscape, "Oreo Grazing"

"Oreo Grazing" 5X7
Oil on Linen Panel
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This is the third version of this guy that I have painted. I have to blame my daughter for this. Seeing things through your children's excitement is always an inspiration. I don't know if her fascination is because of the name, "Oreo Cows," or if they are just so unusual that she can't help but admire their presence in the pastures. Truthfully, I have to say I do love looking at them, too. And he is fun to paint due to the black and white values.


Lori said...

He is so cool, I have only seen three of them in the same place and time so I would get excited too. It was in the Carolinas on a vacation. I yelled to my husband to stop so I could take photos, I hope your daughter always stays this excited. You did a great job and I like the nice fall colors as well.

Cheryl A. Pass said...

So glad you wrote to tell me. I only know of one farm within 30 miles here that raises these "Belted Galloways." There used to be three farms who had them, but as we all have seen, the farms are disappearing....sigh.