Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Daily Painting Baby's Sign, "Bennett's Guard"

Detail from "Bennett's Guard"

"Bennett's Guard"
Acrylic on Board
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Bennett is almost five months old already! This is his emblem. It took a good bit of searching around for the right theme for Bennett. I am not sure why I landed on this, but I found the Royal Beefeater Guard Bear and as soon as I saw it I knew this was it. I love stuffed bears. I still have mine from when I was little. Mine resembles the Velveteen Rabbit with half of his fur rubbed off from my holding him and loving him so much. He resides in the linen closet and every so often I take him out and tell him I love him all over again.

When my children were little we had a wonderful neighbor gentleman named Mr. Cole. We had a lake directly behind our house which was wonderful for wildlife and views and row boating. However, whenever my children were outside I was like a Mad Mother Hen worrying constantly about watching my little ones, afraid someone was going to go plunk into that lake. Mr. Cole noticed this and one day he told me that children have Guardian Angels to watch them when parents can't. No comfort to me....it was a nice thought, but I wasn't about to leave that to chance. Now looking back on it, I think Mr. Cole was the Guardian Angel because, while I was the nervous young mom, he was also watching my children. We really liked Mr. Cole.

I hope our Bennett has a Guardian angel, too...because, as you know, boys will be boys! For now he has a Royal Beefeater Guard to put over his crib!

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