Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Daily Painting Floral, "Irises"

Oil on Gessoed Board

No, you are not having a case of de ja vu. (is that how you spell it?) I published this painting back on April 27th...well part of this painting. I have stared at this painting since then, telling myself it was wrong. Not grounded. Too busy. Needed something. Hmmmm. Finally, I realised all those things were valid critiques and I'd better fix it or throw the darn thing away. So this evening I got out the photos and my brushes and went after it. I am much more pleased with it now. It feels more like I intended, which is that the irises have just popped up and discovered it is springtime. And I am showing it here with a frame, so you can actually see the finished product.

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