Thursday, July 12, 2007

Daily Painting Floral Still Life, "Lori's Vase with Dahlias

"Lori's Vase with Dahlias"
Oil on Board

Dog days in July. Hot, humid, and the yard is chock full of mosquitoes. I can barely stand to be outside, but I dashed out to cut a few of my Dahlias to paint. Lori, one of my daughter's friends, gave me this beautiful vase one year for Mother's Day. I find it to be the most useful size and it is so pretty that I often grab it to hold my flowers. And, of course, I always think of her when I get it out.

Beside me sits an autographed copy of Doug Marlette's book, "The Bridge." He came here for a signing in 2001, the book having something to do with the history in my town. It's a good read and I have cherished it, mostly because of meeting him and having his note inside my copy. The book signing I attended was really enjoyable. He had several original cartoons for sale as well, though I didn't buy one, now to my regret. The highlight was conversing with him. My impression of him was that he was genuine, warm, very bright, and a very very gifted artist. Heartbreaking is the loss of someone so giving of himself. I can hardly believe it.

So that is my summer afternoon...painting flowers and thinking about the loss of another artist. Not exactly joyful today. Sorrow in the paint. I already can't wait for fall and fresh cool North Carolina air!!

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love your very traditional style