Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wild Hare Off and Running

"Wild Hare Logo"
copyright Cheryl A. Pass

This is my old friend Wild Hare. He is the official logo of my former stationery company and was feeling a bit left out since being stored in a drawer for quite a while. As you can see he likes adventure and loves to run as fast as he can. Well, I have decided to give him a new job so as to make him feel part of things again. I asked him if he would be my symbolic announcement when I have to run off and do other things for just a little while. Of course, since he was really bored in that drawer and wanted to make himself useful, plus having a lot of pent up energy, he agreed to my suggestion. So from now on, Wild Hare, my official announcer, will let you know I have had to run off, but will return "quick as a bunny!!" I do love him to this day and he made me very happy as my Wild Hare logo. I'm glad to see him again!

(Can you tell that I just watched the movie, "Miss Potter," and loved every minute of it? Such an inspiration was Beatrix Potter for me!)

Please, while I am gone for a few days, scroll down and make yourself at home looking at every page of my blog you wish. Especially scroll down just a few inches and find "Fisher" again, the now famous portrait painted for Molly Grantham and her husband Wes Hyland. He's been very popular and I wouldn't want you to miss him!

Stay tuned....thanks!

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