Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daily Painting Still Life, "Black Shoes & Pearls

Prelim Sketch of "Black Shoes and Pearls"

I'm sure you are thrilled to see my shoes...the ones I like to think I'd have more time to wear instead of the summer flip-on types that I am in and out of while.... all day of running around I am composing paintings in my head and taking photos for potential paintings, and buying frames for future paintings, and looking for galleries who might be good for my work, studying John Singer Sargent's portraits of children (explain later), in between housekeeping and taking care of family and friends who are going through a crisis (explain later, and getting ready for a newspaper interview regarding my work....
Anyway, this is all I could show you at the moment. I have been doing prelims for a portrait of our adorable Ella, our grand-daughter. She was kind enough to put up with a modeling session for me last Friday. I have not done a lot of portrait work, so I am channeling John Singer Sargent as much as I can. These shoes are just a warm up to get going again. Meanwhile, we are on vigil for a dear friend who is dying in the hospital.

Wednesday is the interview. The photographer comes Thursday or Friday. So, while there is no such thing as a pristine studio....I will be trying to straighten up and get ready for this chance at some local publicity. It is for the Charlotte Observer. We'll see how this goes?!?! I'd wear these shoes, but they can't be moved now until I finish this painting.

Set Up for Still Life of "Black Shoes and Pearls"

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