Saturday, July 21, 2007

Framed and Dangerous

"Lori's Vase with Dahlias"
Oil on Gessoed Board
Available from the artist

Sorry to be so long about,run,run, get the idea. I've been sourcing some frames, studying Van Gogh, taking pictures, thinking of doing a self-portrait, among the millions of other things. My life is beginning to look like an exaggerated joke version of the phrase, "multi-tasking." You don't want to know.....

So here is the framed painting from my last post. This is the dangerous part! I have put this one up on eBay to give you guys a different shot at buying an original painting. I don't know about you, but I have always loved auctions. It's the thrill of it all....the edge of your seat suspense of whether or not you actually can win the thing you are after. My experience is mostly involving antique auctions. I was a single mom for a time and had very limited funds, so I searched out furnishings I thought I could actually afford. I managed to buy an antique double bed for the guest room at one auction. You would have thought I won the Taj Mahal for the ebullient excitement I felt. Which brings me to the "things" we acquire in life. To some people they are just "things." To me they can be evidence of struggles, hard fought and won, spoils of your labor, evidence of survival, treasures to keep and cherish. Some of these "things" have more meaning than others, based on the stories behind them. (The vase in this painting, for instance, is from a young girl whose life has been anything but easy. It means so much to me that she wanted me to have it.)

Back to the run,run,run,run part. I hope you enjoy the thrill of the auction and give this one a shot! This painting could be one of your "hard fought and won" stories for your life.

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