Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brief R and R

"Pearson's Beach House"
Acrylic on Board
Commissioned / Sold

This is a repeat of a previous post from over a year ago and not a daily....but....
I am just about collapsed from responsibilities, elderly parent, kids, dogs, house, yard, etc. I am ducking out for only a few days. Not to this beach house, but I am going up to some cooler elevations. This is not nearly long enough to regenerate my energy, but at least it is something of a respite. I'm taking my camera and sketchpad and visiting with a friend at a house with a million dollar it will be bliss.
I'll be posting again toward the end of next week when I can get back and paint some more for you.


Sandy said...

This is fantastic. I've been catching up here and I can't comment on every one I've seen (due to time) but wow, everything you've put up is beautiful.

Cheryl Pass said...

Sandy...thank you for your welcome views here! My wish is that I could get more out ...and quicker. Still musing on the spoon will come to me!

Cheryl Pass said... the way, I love your "in the tree" picture!!!