Thursday, June 12, 2008

'Hydrangea in a Bean Pot'

'Hydrangea in a Bean Pot'
Oil on Panel

A recent addition to our flower beds is a variety of Hydrangea that blooms all summer. This is a boon for those of us who love Hydrangeas, but used to only see them once in June and then they were gone. I have three of these lovely plants. I am just hoping they'll survive this hot spell we are having of over 90 degrees every day. This blossom wanted to droop right over the edge of the bean pot, but it made such a lovely shadow below that I decided it would do for this version. I stuck a Hosta leaf over in the right side of the pot for some balance...
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Mary Rogers said...

I love your florals! Your colors and highlights make your paintings so appealing. I love everything about this one...the shades of blue and red, the shadows and highlights, and even the has a catchy sound to it.

The Artist said...

Thanks tons, Mary! I have a book called "Manet" 'The Still Life Paintings' and I keep it beside me when I am painting still lifes (lives?). I like to think he is holding my hand while I paint....pretty silly, huh.