Tuesday, June 17, 2008

'Walkway at Stowe Botanical Gardens'

"Walkway at Stowe Botanical Gardens" (Spring 08)
Oil on Gessoed Board

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Right about now I either have great sympathy for George Seurat or I would like to strangle him. Whenever I do this type of landscape that involves lots of different plants and petals and leaves, all I can think of is how he had to have gone completely mad doing this in dots.....dots....and more dots....ugh!! He must have been the forerunner of the computer pixels ...more dots. So while I am painting this kind of scene I am trying to not be George Seurat. As hard as I try to simplify the thing, it still requires a lot of different strokes, colors, little bitty hits with the brush to reflect the light on those beautiful plants.
Anyway, here is what I saw at Stowe Botanical Gardens a while back on a really splendid spring day!!


Austin Maloney said...

Nice paintings. I love your brushstrokes. I'm a fellow daily painter and I was curious if you'd be interested in doing a reciprocal link exchange.

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HELENE J said...

Very nice colours on that one!
-first visit on your blog!-

Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks / Merci
to both of you for stopping by. Hope you will return!