Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"White Lily"

"White Lily" Study
Oil on Masonite Panel

Have had precious little time this week to paint. The "Ancient One," otherwise known as my Dad, had a biopsy, lots of family stuff going on with adult children making arrangements for flights and care of a huge dog, on and on. So this was a quick small daily I managed to get done this afternoon.

An artist friend and I spent some time recently at Stowe Botanical Gardens and I took some photos to use for paintings. This is a variety of Lily I found there..not known to me. It had those beautiful little black curly pistols, a red stamen, and gorgeous red buds coming along. I may do a bigger version of this with more in photo has two of the Lilies. White is tough to paint. Sometimes it picks up all of the colors around it, but in this case it stayed pure and blasted with sunlight. It was hard to paint the nuances and get any texture this time. Some of it I just had to exaggerate in order to get the shape of the flower.
On to the next time!!!

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