Monday, July 14, 2008

'Cherries on Blue'

"Cherries on Blue"
Oil on Gessoed Board

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These were called Rainier Cherries at the grocery...very pretty little things with yellow and red and most of them still had their stems. I was trying to do something with a different background color here (got out an old blue shirt and laid the cherries on it)...and really slapped on the paint for a more impressionist texture. I made myself back up and loosen the brush strokes. I honestly don't think this picture does it justice..much prettier in person.
There went Monday.....


Janelle said...

Oh, I like this one so much! I can imagine how much more vibrant it is in person too!

Cheryl Pass said...

I love it when you stop in to see my blog, Janelle....wish you were here!!