Friday, July 18, 2008

'Red, White, and Blue'

"Red, White,and Blue"
Oil on Raymar Linen Panel
©Cheryl A. Pass

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Most of my Hydrangea blossoms have devolved to some green colors, due to the acidic quality of the soil, I guess. This one was one of the last really blue ones. I bought some sulfer additive that is supposed to bring the blue colors back, but the package says it will take a few weeks. Meanwhile, I grabbed this one to compliment the beautiful reds of the cherry. The colors are more intense in the actual painting. This reminds me to tell everyone that the color representation on everyone's monitors are different, so take that into account. I do try to get the best possible image for computer display, and it is usually pretty accurate, but intensity sometimes blows away in the digital process.

About the title....I think my heart is with the founders of the country these days, so the colors of our flag come to the forefront of my mind often. So much was given to us, and yet today, so many people are trashing our country that sometimes I just want to shake people's shoulders and say, "Wake up are throwing away the greatest gift you could have ever been given, i.e. the United States Constitution." So red, white and blue are the colors of my mind today and most days lately.


Craig & Tanya Amberson, said...

Lovely painting Cheryl! The little cherry really completes the piece.


Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks very much, Tanya! It was the cherry that made me do it!!