Saturday, July 12, 2008

'Idyll Moment'

"Idyll Moment"
Oil on Raymar Linen Panel

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Well, I could have titled this a number of different things; "Election Year Bull," "Pasture Idol," "Here's Looking at You," "Invest in Cattle Futures,"and more.....But I landed on "Idyll Moment" because this guy was caught on camera just surveying his domain. (The election year comment seemed too demeaning to the guy since I think he is quite grand and has more integrity than the politicians! You can vote for the title you like the best, if you wish.) I think the guy has that Alpha Male presence... Really fun to paint!! The photo was given to me by a friend who was doing a lot of plein air painting and took this shot while on one of her outings. She handed it to me saying that she doesn't do animals, but she knew I like to do animals so she thought I might like to try this one. I am emailing this to her as soon as I post it, so she can see what she wrought from her gift.


Connie said...

Really interesting painting. I love your unique style.

Cheryl Pass said...

Thank you very much, Connie....he was really so interesting to paint also. Such a strong presence lying there, all muscles!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful painting, I just love all breeds & forms of bovine. Nice title too!

Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I do, cattle and appreciate them very much.