Friday, August 08, 2008

'On the Road'

"Nursery on Rte. 321" Oil on Canvas Paper

This is a painting from a trip we made up to Blowing Rock, NC. a little while ago. We are heading up there again this weekend and I am so looking forward to the cooler air and the scenery, camera and sketchbook in hand! :-) The nursery is obscured now by looming industries encroaching into the countryside, so I am very happy I captured the scene when I did. The field on the right now is nothing more than a big tan colored box of a building.

I've been struggling with myself over landscapes. I love landscape paintings and have been admiring several other artist's work, some plein air and some studio painters. So when I sit down to try to do one lately, I am filled with inadequacy and trepidation and can hardly pick up the brush. I am determined to get myself past this bug-a-boo I am having, so the intention of this trip is to get some photos and sketches from which to work. Not to mention getting away from the oppressive heat we have been suffering through this summer. Believe me, one small weekend is not enough! But I'll take it!!

Have a great weekend!!


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

It is always with mixed feelings when you realize that you captured in paint some of our vanishing landcsape.

Tough subject, great job Cheryl!


Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks very much, Jeffery! Just got back from the road trip and, sure enough, the nursery is gone. Sold out to that industrial park and now there is a big box warehouse type building where the beautiful nursery used to be. Alas! I am glad I painted it when I did.
Now if I can just get after this 'block' I am having on landscape. Yours are quite dramatic!
Best to you,