Friday, August 15, 2008

'Roll in the Grass'

"Hayroll & Barn"
Oil on Gessoed Panel

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As promised....landscape! This was late afternoon, hot August, an overgrown field with a barn that caught my eye due to the blue cast on the roof against the gold colors in the hayroll and surrounding grasses. Remember I am a studio painter....and to that point, I want to quote an artist who does gorgeous landscapes in his studio. His name is Peter Fiore and there is a wonderful article on him in the most recent Artist's Magazine. In the article he says, "Some plein air artists profess their works are somehow more valid because they were painted on location." Continuing, he says, "If you're a musician inspired by nature, does that mean you have to create a symphony out in the field?" You can check out his work by clicking on the link. Very impressive.

And that is how I feel about landscape painting. I think the snobbery of "plein air" painting has gotten way out of hand. My paintings are inspired by the beautiful scenes I see as I go about my area and travels. And they are of the places I think are beautiful that I wish to share with anyone who takes a moment to view my work. I can easily get overwhelmed when working on landscapes by the awe I feel, the diverse plant and animal life, the wide vistas, the love I have of the countryside. That is what motivates me to do landscape, but also intimidates me. I struggle with trying to live up to all of that beauty. Anyway, I will be concentrating on landscapes for a while, so we'll see what I can accomplish.
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