Friday, May 25, 2007

Continued Progress, "Bosley's Nap"

"Bosley's Nap"
Oil on Canvas Panel

Only a little ways on this today. If you can make out the arbor out the window, that is the project at the moment. I did this to myself, you know. I asked for a big, gorgeous arbor with lattice on either side in a wing shape. Silly me. The gate, which is now primer white, will be painted soon. I am deciding on the color. The wings with the lattice are needing the preserver coating on it. Today I managed to get a quarter of the way after six hours out there. Bosley's painting only got about 40 minutes this morning before I pushed myself out there. And of course, dear Bosley decided this afternoon to go digging after the chipmunk again....which made me ask myself why do I love this little rascal so much. Bosley, not the chipmunk. Though I do like the chipmunks, too, and don't want them to be eaten by a monster Bosley. After Bosley got thrown into the sink once again, I came in to make dinner. And now I am too tired to paint more today.

Back at you tomorrow.

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