Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Great Beginnings, "Bosley's Nap"

"Bosley's Nap" Preliminary Drawing
Oil on Canvas Panel
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My favorite subject, Bosley.
This one will eventually end up on, but while I am working on it I thought it would be fun to show how I start the process. There will be precious little left of my preliminary drawings because most of them were done under the actual painting. Occasionally I will do one on some other surface just to gauge the scale and composition, but usually I just dive right into the painting surface. I am using a watercolor pencil and it can be wiped off as I make corrections. I know other painters use charcoal, but this works better for me.

When working with animals, I have to work from photos. I am not so quick that I can capture an animal that moves around about about every other second even when sleeping.

What did I ever do without this camera! (yes, that is a rhetorical question.) I have a Canon Power Shot S3. It will do more than I will ever learn how to do, but I cannot believe what a tool this has been for me to use while documenting my work. At this point I could do a commercial for Canon, I am so in love with it!!

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