Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Garden Torture

It all started about ten days ago....the fall of the lady gardener. (actually it started some years ago when I told my husband I wanted a cutting garden.....or, I guess if we want to be Biblical, it started in Eden, but let's not go there.) O.K. back to ten days ago. I have weeds. I mean the insidious, evil, satanic type that nothing kills. (even round-up won't do it.) I also have red clay and rocks. This makes digging an exersize out of some medieval torture. Believe me, it's no picnic. It takes me weeks to just talk myself into going out there. And I get so exhausted from doing this that painting a work of art is secondary to just trying to recover. Evidently some hateful nasty bug of some sort bit me on the elbow. I noticed a scab a few days later. Then came the other bug....this time a virus. Is this a "slam bam?" A double whammy? You betcha. Finally had to go to the doctor for meds. I am just now getting past these curses, but guess what? The weeds are still there. So back to the garden this week to attack the weeds again. I can't do this just anytime during the year. It has to be spring when the weather at least is accommodating.

No garden, no flowers to paint. The price we pay for real art. Now you know. I'll be back with you soon.

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