Thursday, May 03, 2007

Daily Painting On the Easel, "Sustenance" Part 2

"Sustenance" In Progress
Oil on Linen Panel

This is today's progress on this painting. Still have some fine tuning to do on the lettering and finish up the foreground and then I'll have it. Hopefully tomorrow.

I could have dedicated this one to "Earth Day," but I think that was last week. I have a friend....well not really a friend anymore, but someone I've known all of my life. She always used to say, "Cheryl, if your ship came in, you would probably be at the bus station." Great thing to say to someone, yes? I'm still not sure what she meant by that except she acted as if I was some kind of totally out there not quite with it odd person who was never going to have any success whatsoever at anything. And even if I did, it wouldn't qualify as "her" kind of success. I stay up late, sleep late, think hard, and work on something as if there is no tomorrow. She didn't get that.

Back to the point... if my "Earth Day" painting is a few days late, well who would know? To me every day is "Earth Day" so the idea of the designation of that day is just stupid! One of the dumbest things I think those 'feel good fuzzy' people have thought up just to make everyone think they actually have a purpose in life.

And since it's late and I have stayed up late once again....I'll finish this one tomorrow and my ship just might be here at the same time!

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