Monday, August 27, 2007

Artist Block / Working on Portrait

Ella's Sketch Refined

Blocked...lack of confidence...scared to pick up a brush....why do I do this to myself? Well guys, it's all about the portrait of Ella. I did the sketch, which has now been refined. (version in this post.) I bought the linen panel. I bought more turpenoid and new brushes. I walk around the empty panel and the sketch and the photo.... and look at them over and over again. I go over it in my mind. I study masters portraiture. I have constant conversations with myself. Still I can't put the paint on the surface.
So, I painted Betsy's Sunflowers hoping this panic would go away. Then I painted the miniature of Bohicket Drive and thought to myself, as soon as I get this one done I'll get to Ella's portrait. Now for almost a week I am stuck. I can't make myself do it. What is the matter with me? Better question, what do I do about this? I am not sure of the colors, the depth of colors, I don't know if I have the right surface, I don't know if I'm shooting for smooth blending of skin tones, or if I am supposed to just throw the paint on there a la impressionist devil may care... I am going totally nuts trying to get this working.
So if any of my good artist friends out there care to chime in here and coach me out of this horrible block, I would most gratefully appreciate it. Any ideas on how to get me out of this and get me going?

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