Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daily Painting Landscape, "Bohicket Drive Revisited"

"Bohicket Drive Revisited"
Oil on Gessoed Board
Framed in a Gold Leaf Plein Air Frame
Click on either picture to enlarge it!

Someone reminded me recently about a painting I did of Bohicket Drive last year, which I did as a Christmas present for my mother-in-law. Ever since I did that painting I have thought I wanted to do it again....bigger or smaller...either way or both. This vision of Bohicket Drive is such a happy image in my mind. I put myself in a little red sports car and toodle off to Seabrook with nothing but leisurely moments ahead of me; walks on the beach, dinner at the club, looking for seashells, sitting on a screened porch and breathing the sea air, watching the sea birds, etc. etc. No worries, just hanging out and feeling no pressure from the grind back in real life.

My commission of Annie was held up this week as her owners are working on getting just the right pose for her portrait. So while waiting a bit for that, I remembered that the Gaston County Art Guild Miniature Show will be coming up in October. I love the Miniature Show. (maybe because I have worked in small formats for most of my careeer) It's always fascinating to see what subjects the artists choose to do in miniature. Bohicket Drive Revisited is going to be one of my entries, unless someone wants to buy it first. I have the frame and am showing it here also.

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