Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daily Painting Floral, "Betsy's Sunflowers" In Progress

"Betsy's Sunflowers" In Progress
Oil on Canvas Panel

My daughter, Betsy, loves sunflowers. If she had a signature flower, this would be her choice. Earlier in the summer, before the drought and the 100 degree temperatures hit, I visited her garden with my camera in hand. I was lucky enough to catch a bee having its afternoon snack on this red variety of sunflower. This one is for her...but obviously I am still working on it. This weather is like the opposite of deep cold January. But it makes you want to hunker down and not go outside just as much as winter. Alone in my studio with the paints and brushes...and just Bosley to keep me company. He, too, has had it with this weather and we are longing for some days when we can get out there and go walking again. As it is, he barely sticks his nose outside, takes care of necessities, and turns around to come back inside.

I've taken in some commissions on dog portraits again, as soon as I finish this I am beginning work on one of those.

Detail of Bee on "Betsy's Sunflowers"

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AscenderRisesAbove said...

even just half finished it is a fascinating piece. This image alone leaves you guessing. at first i thought it was an embroidery piece. nicely done.