Friday, August 17, 2007

Daily Painting Floral, "Betsy's Sunflowers"

"Betsy's Sunflowers"
Oil on Canvas Board
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Happy faces of Sunflowers! At this moment they, and everything else in our little section of the planet, are gasping for water and some cooler temperatures. But they do look cheerful here since I took the picture of them a couple of weeks ago. You know, just about every artist of historical note has done Sunflowers. (does that mean I am now in that category? In my dreams! :) Of course, Van Gogh's come to mind first. It wasn't until my daughter planted them that I had ever seen red ones. I like the yellow ones, too, so maybe I'll try those next summer. If you love Sunflowers, this is a way to see them all year long!

You might not see a post for a little while from me....because I have a commission to work on. It's a big dog and a bigger painting so this could take some time. Her name is Annie and very loved by her owners. I might post some progress pictures if I think it's going O.K. If it looks awful, believe me, you won't see it until I have it right.

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