Thursday, August 09, 2007

Daily Painting, "Life Guard" In Progress

"Life Guard" In Progress
Oil on Gessoed Board

Since it was 102 degrees today, I was trying to think of some kind of summer fun. Just looking at this pool was making me feel better. This is a bit of a departure for me, but it's fun to try is from a photo I took at Fort Belvoir, VA last month. We were there to attend a wedding reception and as I looked around the building I saw this gorgeous pool with lots of people enjoying the facility. At the time I took the photo, the life guard had just blown the whistle for the 'all adult swim.' She was idly twirling a piece of her hair while watching this woman bob about in the water. Both of my children have been life guards when they were younger, so watching this scene took me back to the times when they were in charge of the pool at the Racquet Club here. I'll work on this some more tomorrow and hopefully get it finished.

The other picture is a surprise visit from Mister Owl last evening at our house! Whoo Hoo!!! Can you believe this fellow? He was looking for a midnight snack in the form of Mister Toad we think. Fortunately, Mister Toad was quite elusive and could not be found. Being night owls and midnight snackers ourselves, we could empathize with our friend Mister Owl.

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