Friday, September 07, 2007

Daily Painting Portrait, "Ella at Three" In Progress

"Ella's at Three" In Progress
Oil on Linen Panel

Another entire day spent on her the detriment I believe. Warmed up the shadows as advised. Which changed the look of things to the point of needing the rest of the face to be re-worked. I don't think this is an improvement. Now she looks like she has spent the month in Barbados on the beach. Now I don't know how to get that sweet pink back and this is way to yellow in my opinion. This warming also makes her face look fatter which I am not happy about. Changed her eyes as advised. this actually did help her expression...but now I am really sick of the colors on her face. Fattened her left cheek as she looks way to fat in the face. And I don't think there is any washing this whole thing off with turpentine, so...
Not a good day.

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